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Portland Oregon....!

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Date: Wed 15 Sep 1999 - 02:10:09 PDT

Portland show... notes!

A very very good show, though we'd only wish more people showed up (put it to lack of publicity, not lack of interest). Leisa, Paul, their friend and I walked in early during the soundcheck... during which they played three full songs such as the rocking She's on Drugs. People applauded. "Thanks alot," says Pat, "It's only the soundcheck you know."

Leisa took lots of digital color pics, and I took lots of black and white pics. Pat signed some stuff for me after the show. And... good news folks: we were able to get a soundboard cassette recording of the show (yes, Pat approved of this!). I just checked the quality and it sounds amazing. Not sure where the side flips over... hope not in the middle of a song.

The set list (which this Bicycle Thief procured) reads as follows (you'll be able to translate the appropriate songs):

Raking Up Leaves
Don't Let Me Keep You
Who Loves You Now

Soul Happy Hour
She's On Drugs
Mr. Odd
Walk The Devil
Caroline Wheeler
The Long Night Starts
Bigfoot Motel
Zombie Love



The line up was Pat Fish, Max Eider, Owen Jones (Drums, Kazoo, Accordian, Vocals/Guitars), and some gent from L.A. on bass. No Kevin Haskins or David J tonight folks! Anyhow, they were all in a really good mood, especially when being bothered with 1. pictures, 2. permission to record the show, 3. autographs.

Look for pictures soon. Mine will take awhile (I'm a lazy photo printer). The intention is to take this cassette and burn it to cd. It will be available to anyone who wants it, and Pat too, if you send me a blank tape/cd or for only the cost of a blank cd (well, Pat gets his for free!) and postage. Not yet, though... we certainly have got to take a breather.

Thursday it's Seattle, and it will be a blast!

Jason Christopher

P.S. My public thanks to Leisa and Paul for the evening and for the forthcoming ride to Seattle! Received on Wed Sep 15 02:28 PDT 1999

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