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Re: utterly despondant

From: Luis Boluņa <>
Date: Wed 15 Sep 1999 - 20:07:40 PDT

Work?!? Try expecting a baby at any time... That's my excuse. It tore our hearts no to see Butch- but this is way more important (our first!).

A DV movie would have been nice though.

So to all you others out there, enjoy the JBC!


Gregor Young wrote:

> Work cheated me out of a trip to San Fran two years to see the Butcher and
> it's happened again. I just found out that I won't be able to drive down to
> the Seattle show tomorrow. Thoroughly gutted. I was going to bring my DV
> camera and make a little movie that could've been hoisted onto David's web
> site for all to see. Instead me and my DV will be busy til late on Thurs
> evening in Vancouver so I hope the rest of the list that's going enjoys it.
> It's been about eight or nine years since I've seen the JBC and each time an
> opportunity goes by like this it feels like it will be the last.
Received on Wed Sep 15 20:29 PDT 1999

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