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Re: utterly despondant

From: Dave Coverly <>
Date: Thu 16 Sep 1999 - 06:46:01 PDT

>Work?!? Try expecting a baby at any time... That's my excuse. It tore our
>hearts no to see Butch- but this is way more important (our first!).

Ah, a kindred spirit! I missed the CA shows due to a brand spankin' new baby as well (our second)...and now I'm going to miss the NY show because it's on our 10th wedding anniversary.
Sheesh, talk about bad timing...
Anyway, congrats to Luis and sympathy to Gregor.

On a separate note, I picked up an LP entitled "The Wonderful World of Glass" hoping there might be an old Butcher cut or two. It turned out that it was released in 1981, which is pre-Butcher. But what I found was even better--a band called The Tonix with Pat on vocals, Max on guitar, and Owen on drums.
So, David, if I send you a tape of the cut (called "Sex Junk"), any possibility of putting it up on the site? I figured there might be interest.

--Dave Received on Thu Sep 16 07:01 PDT 1999

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