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David, your showing your teeth again!

From: <>
Date: Thu 16 Sep 1999 - 09:04:48 PDT

Dear board,

Thought you'd all like to know what mail I've been getting from "friends"....

from our pal David.....

and lo, it be spoken

> Dear board,

dear idiot,

> I've heard a lot of talk regarding the trading of "live" tapes of recent

always authorized by the artist, obviously. and you seem to have conveniently skipped right over the bits of pat's comments where he explicitely says that he has no problem with show tape traders.

> shows, as well as "new" songs recorded in a studio in San Francisco, plus

um, i really miss your point, here.

i bet you've already downloaded instead of just streaming the new max tune. i'll be willing to bet that you're happily burning onto CD copies of the song. how do you see this helping the artist? in your world, there is absolutely NO reason for us to attempt to release this recording properly. the intent of the song being available is to generate interest for the artist, not to make money for scum.

> some pre-1983 recordings by Pat on Glass. Now, you know, that Pat does not
> get any money from these trades. These trades are bad....BAD! We must
> what the artist's wishes are, and any attempts to trade this music are

and the artists's wishes are that for distributed copies of copywritten performances (read releases) he be in the loop.

> against Pat's wishes! How could you! I will personally give a thumbs down
> these proceedings and will sent letters to the RIAA making sure all these
> operations are stopped legally! You people will get what you have coming to
> you, and if you go to jail, it is your own fault!
> Oh, by the way, my trading site is up and running. Want "Jazz Butcher" OOP
> titles on CD? Ooooops! I guess I did a boo-boo! I wonder how I can join the
> club which allows the trading of "illegal" material and make it okay.
> the secret hand-shake?

2B1ASK1 -david ( Received on Thu Sep 16 09:22 PDT 1999

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