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From: <>
Date: Thu 16 Sep 1999 - 12:21:33 PDT


Just wanted to clear up one thing for the record (er... cd-r in this case!) In the case of the live show in Portland, we asked Pat directly that evening if that was okey-dokey by him, and he in fact walked with me to the soundboard to tell the guy back there it was ok to "plug-in" as it were. In fact, Pat will be getting his own copy of this recording, as will members of the tour entourage! Be rest assured, there is no bad-bad here! Remember--we are not selling these!!! We are Jazz Butcher-hyped fans trying to have every living breathing moment of the Butcher's life somehow a part of our own... um... er... ok, well, that was my ugly (yet somehow sexy, eh?) fanatical side speaking.

See you at the Seattle show tonight!

Jason C. Received on Thu Sep 16 12:39 PDT 1999

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