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Re: [JBC] long night starts...?

From: SpookyFish <>
Date: Thu 16 Sep 1999 - 20:37:53 PDT

I've really liked this one since hearing it from the recent Hamburg show. Liked

it even more at the LA show and i really like this recorded version. Nice sparse

arrangment w/ a little Femme Fatale in the melody and a bit of Tom Waits' Downtown Train in there too, i think.

Luck E.

David Whittemore wrote:

> concerning the recording of max's new tune
> on the website (
> thumbs up or down?
> if so, why?
> (it is growing on me - capable, but not flashy guitarwork)
> -david (
> -------------------------------------------------------
> 700w st c m dj ct v c m nc nv n nt c m htdb rg m r
> c rcl n c rg s d sw p c m s m s n c c m xp ll n8 c m
> mustn't offend

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