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Re: JBC -v- Punken Drunks

From: Gary McBride <>
Date: Fri 17 Sep 1999 - 05:49:02 PDT

> >One problem though, there was a group of 5
> >drunken punks who portayed their redneck heritage well when they screamed
> >"Yehaw" every 30 seconds. That was just the begining....
>This is the type of situation where vigilante justice has its
>rewards. If you can't beat them, beat them.

5 drunken punks vs 100 (more? less?) JBC fans, and these morons weren't squelched? Nobody spoke to the manager? Nobody tried to intimidate them into submission? Nobody threw ice back at them? Nobody at least offered them $20 each to go drink someplace else? (Frequently idiots like this wander into a club not knowing the band, but after paying the cover, they're damned if they're going to leave without getting their money's worth one way or another...)

Here in the JBC-less midwest, it's been bittersweet enough reading all these reports of the shows I'm unable to attend...but this just plain breaks my heart, to picture 5 "Bicycle Kids" in the back ruining a rare event, and nobody doing thing one to silence them. It's like defacing the Guernica...

Also, in case anyone cares, the "Release the Butcher" petition has (at long last) been sent to Velvel, with encouragement for them to check out the Wetlands set. So, whoever's promoting the Wetlands event, put the Velvel people on the guestlist...and everybody else, keep your fingers crossed for this longest of long-shots. (If anyone has approximate attendance numbers for the shows, maybe post them to the list...we got 500+ signatures on the petition, for what that's worth.) For the rest of the story, visit

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