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From: Brian Valentine (Cotelligent) (Exchange) <>
Date: Fri 17 Sep 1999 - 10:10:11 PDT

Here's the thing about the assholes.....they were definitely JBC fans: they knew all the songs and all the lyrics and were shouting out requests all night. My impression of them is that they were witless morons who listened to JBC over the years only picking up the references to heavy drinking and totally missing the wit and subtlety. I have no doubt they thought they were every bit as clever as Pat and Max.

>From what I could tell there 3 of them. The crowd did try to stop
them....but who can stop a determined drunken idiot?

As for the band.....awesome. One great moment of between-song banter...Pat recounting some playground humiliation as a kid:

kid: Ya know your dad?
Pat: Yeah
kid: He drives with his brakes on.

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Subject: re: JBC SEATTLE SUMMARY AND WHY YOU SHOULD BOYCOTT THE CROCODILE CAFE These are the things that mystify me. Why the Hell would 5 assholes show up at a Jazz Butcher show anyway? Anyone I've ever met who was into the JBC was always the coolest type of person. What was the the problem - Korn and Limp Bizkit weren't in town?

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> Well...I just got back from what I've waited many years for. JBC back in
> Seattle. They were incredible. One problem though, there was a group of 5
> drunken punks who portayed their redneck heritage well when they screamed
> "Yehaw" every 30 seconds. That was just the begining.... The continued
> through the evening yelling out stupid comments during the JBC's tamer
> moments (ie MAX's new song, etc..), spilled drinks all over other
> and the ultimate topper, they through ice repeatedly at the band. I was
> completely embarrased and infurriated as I beleive the rest of the crowd
> At one point Pat said "Look were just trying to play some music". I
> the the band would have played much longer if it was not for this
> which they were subjected to. I blame the Crocodile Cafe completely. They
> should have hauled these guys out. They did nothing... to stop this. I am
> boycotting the venue because of this situation. It was very sad. I suggest
> others do the same.
> All of this aside....the band was at their finest! Thank you Pat and Max
> this "gift of music"!
> Jeff

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