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RE: Sikkorskis from Hell????

From: Brian Valentine (Cotelligent) (Exchange) <>
Date: Fri 17 Sep 1999 - 17:50:00 PDT

Well a Sikorsky is a helicopter, named after Igor Sikorsky, designer of the first American helicopter.

But the name, unless it's a typo, is.....butchered.

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Subject: Re: Sikkorskis from Hell????

>Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 17:53:12 -0500
>To: David Zembower <>
>From: "Patrick J. Enders" <>
>Subject: Re: Sikkorskis from Hell????
>All music's got a nice summary, if it goes no farther than recounting the
tale of what Mr. Fish has referred to as "the revolving door that is the JBC." It's a crying shame that Sumosonic isn't mentioned. Hmmm.....
>As for "The Jazz Butcher and His Sikkorskis from Hell," that's the band's
name on the cover of Hamburg, and the Sikkorskis are referred to in the lyrics of "Roadrunner" and perhaps elsewhere, although if so I can't remember where at the monent.
>So does anyone know what the heck a "Sikkorski" is, anyway?
>>Hello list,
>>I found the following bio of the JBC at the All Music Guide website
>>( I had never heard of this "Sikkorskis from Hell"
>>before. I hope you find this interesting, and that it comes through
>>without a bunch of weird formating.
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