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Re: Sikkorskis from Hell????

From: Luis Boluņa <>
Date: Fri 17 Sep 1999 - 19:00:57 PDT

Ok, since everyone is being anal as heck about this, Sikorski designed more than one helicopter in his career... In fact I would tend to guess there must have been a compnany named "Sikorski" that manufactured the darn things.

Yeah, to all you of Russian decent, I don't know how to spell the name properly so sorry for the "butchery".

"Brian Valentine (Cotelligent) (Exchange)" wrote:

> Well a Sikorsky is a helicopter, named after Igor Sikorsky, designer of the
> first American helicopter.
> But the name, unless it's a typo, is.....butchered.
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> From: Patrick J. Enders []
> Sent: Friday, September 17, 1999 3:54 PM
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> Subject: Re: Sikkorskis from Hell????
> >Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 17:53:12 -0500
> >To: David Zembower <>
> >From: "Patrick J. Enders" <>
> >Subject: Re: Sikkorskis from Hell????
> >
> >All music's got a nice summary, if it goes no farther than recounting the
> tale of what Mr. Fish has referred to as "the revolving door that is the
> JBC." It's a crying shame that Sumosonic isn't mentioned. Hmmm.....
> >
> >As for "The Jazz Butcher and His Sikkorskis from Hell," that's the band's
> name on the cover of Hamburg, and the Sikkorskis are referred to in the
> lyrics of "Roadrunner" and perhaps elsewhere, although if so I can't
> remember where at the monent.
> >
> >So does anyone know what the heck a "Sikkorski" is, anyway?
> >
> >Pat
> >
> >>Hello list,
> >>I found the following bio of the JBC at the All Music Guide website
> >>( I had never heard of this "Sikkorskis from Hell"
> thing
> >>before. I hope you find this interesting, and that it comes through
> >>without a bunch of weird formating.
> >
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