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A request for information!

From: Pat Fish <>
Date: Mon 20 Sep 1999 - 16:13:48 PDT

Dear David and Gang,

I demand to know what has been happening on the board since I was thrown off last week!

Did David get his braces off?

Who won the "Holier Than Thou" contest?

It's been hard getting in touch with everyone, seeing that I've been in Honolulu the past week (those monies from those "illegal" pressings of Jazz Butcher titles really do add up!), but I do miss you all (especially David).

So don't forget to visit the site (with new "bonus" commentary from David himself), and all that stuff.

Let's work to get me jailed!


Angelfire for your free web-based e-mail. Received on Mon Sep 20 16:31 PDT 1999

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