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help me please! (i need lots of help)

From: Fordyce <>
Date: Mon 20 Sep 1999 - 22:45:48 PDT

way back in nineteen-eighty something, my sister made me a compilation tape. side a: the soundtrack to pretty in pink (yeah, i know). side b: a compilation of some such nonsense. BUT. the final song on side b was mind like a playgroup by . . . well . . . this began what has become a 15 year quest to find this recording (the compilation tape was stolen out of my vw bus sometime back in early 1990 (yeah, i know). at the beginning of my quest, i didn't know the album or the song title or who the hell pat fish was. now, 7 albums later, i do. and i need it! i need it! I NEED IT!!!

now, i am not asking anyone out there to sell me their precious copy of scandal. i just want a warbly tape (reel to reel, 8-track . . . fine) or to be able to download the darned thing.

15 f*cking years!!!


oh, yeah . . . put me on your mailing list Received on Mon Sep 20 23:05 PDT 1999

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