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a few missing JBC tracks sought

From: Brent Aliverti <>
Date: Mon 20 Sep 1999 - 23:24:54 PDT

Can anyone help me fill in the following holes of my JBC collection? A tape of the items would be just fine. I have a few things to trade...just email me.

Cowgirl Fever (Marnie b-side)
Almost Brooklyn (New Invention b-side)
Swingin' With The Pygmies (flexi)
Affection (single)
Heartache Following Me (Affection b-side) May I (Affection b-side)
Over You (Affection b-side)

Also, I am missing the Black Eg album. In fact, I don't even really know what this is. Is this Pat and Co performing under psuedonyms? What's the music like? Thanks!

Regards, Brent Received on Mon Sep 20 23:38 PDT 1999

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