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Re: big questions on max and owen tunes

From: Bill Maciejewski <>
Date: Tue 21 Sep 1999 - 07:13:07 PDT

Hank - there may have been no response because it seems you sent this message only to me :) I'm forwarding it along to the rest of the list.

Hank dice:

>Well I'll give this another try - no response last time. How many list
>members planning to be at the NYC show? And how will I know who you all
>are? Pink carnations anyone?

I will plan to be there, and I'm bringing my friend who is kindly putting me up (or is it putting up with me?) for the weekend. I think I will wear a Sisters of Mercy T-shirt, since I can almost guarantee nobody else will be wearing one. Plus I'll feel nicely conspicuous :) I categorically refuse to wear a banana, so don't even ask. -bill

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