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Re: a new regime?

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Tue 21 Sep 1999 - 10:50:27 PDT

and lo, it be spoken

jesus christing fuck.

for the shortsighted among us:


the list is going moderated until these dudes get bored.

everyone enjoy the show this evening. tell the man how much you love him.

> david,
> i read about how you ousted darren. it's a shame. you sound so scared. i
> imagined that kid in everyone's fourth grade class who was always taking his
> ball and going home because the other kids wouldn't let him be the pitcher.
> so he ruined the game for everyone. were you that kid, david? just
> wondering.
> guess i'd better get back to my book. you've inspired me to re-read
> Fahrenheit 451.
> -dennis

-david (

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