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NY Show

From: Bill Pearis (Kelly Services Inc) <>
Date: Fri 24 Sep 1999 - 06:55:37 PDT

It was a good show all around. Wetlands, a club a lot like DC's old 9:30 Club (read: many poles), was pretty packed. Played for what may have been two hours, though hard to tell because Pat's guitar amp went out about half an hour into the set and there was a brief intermission to fix it. Someone needed to fire the sound-board guy, though. The keyboards were way too loud and overpowered just about everything else on some songs. Max's guitar was not loud enough in general. And for those looking for a celebrity count, Rich Hall (of SNL, Not Necessarily the News, Sniglets and Son of Sniglets fame) was in the house. My head hurts. Received on Fri Sep 24 07:14 PDT 1999

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