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Re: NY Show

From: Evan Gregg <>
Date: Fri 24 Sep 1999 - 15:03:34 PDT

weird i could hardly hear the keyboards at all but i was standing right next to the stage so that might have affected it, actually i was sitting on the edge of it behind Max
i havent seen so many smiling faces singing along at a concert since Belle And Sebastian
for anyone who might have noticed and cares i was wearing a velvet underground tshirt with pictures of a mask, boot, and whip on the front and "Come To the party And Bring Your Wife" written on the back it was one hell of a show, my first time seeing them of course great chemistry as i figured there would be the friend i brought with me has been converted, she wasn't bowled over by the tape i gave her of bloody nonsense and scandal in bohemia, mostly because its a bad dub on old cheap tapes, but now shes joined those of us wishing to find more
wish they had played real men but didnt bother calling out requests because there were so many i wanted to hear i didnt really mind not sure if there were more freaks at the show (i say that lovingly of course) or the bus station the 4 hours we spent there but at least none of the folks at the show fell asleep on me and none of them were eating sugar packets out of their hands, at least not that i noticed but judging my some of them they might have been yah, so enough from me
im exhausted, tom waits and jazz butcher 4 days apart, i think i need a vacation from shows for a while (6 days to be exact) -----Ev

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