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New York Show

From: <>
Date: Tue 28 Sep 1999 - 07:16:39 PDT

The show was amazing! They played for over two hours, doing 23 songs
(22 of which were on the set list). Pat's amp blew a fuse about an
hour into it, causing a ten minute delay after which he shed his jacket saying, "Now I'm in a mood." I thought the sound was quite good.  

I was right up front, so I couldn't see the crowd very well, but it seemed packed, and there was quite a bit of audience interaction, including a woman somewhere in the back who repeatedly yelled out "Quit mucking around," much to the amusement of the band.

It started out with just Pat and Max on stage, like the San Francisco show. As things progressed, they added people, starting with the harmonica player whose name I didn't catch. Then Owen Jones joined them on stage, and they did one of his songs, "Don't Let Me Keep You." I can't recall whether Kevin Haskins or Steve Valentine joined next.
(Steve Valentine was the bassist, but he was apparently also the van
driver and -- did I hear this right? -- attorney.)

Several people had video cameras, so someone somewhere has video of this extravaganza.

The real order was similar to the Troubadour show, but the songs played were:
Falling In Love
Raking Up the Leaves
Girls Who Keep Goldfish
Soul Happy Hour
Walk with the Devil (listed as "Devil" on the set list) Who Loves You Now?
Girlfriend (listed as "Girlfren'")
She's on Drugs (listed as "She's on 'em") Mr Odd
The Long Night Starts
Bigfoot Motel (listed as "Bigfoot Pioneer Motel") Zombie Love
President Reagan's Birthday Present
JB -v- Count Dracula
Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
Old Snakey  

Take the Skinheads Bowling
Forever (not on set list, performed by Pat solo) Roadrunner  

I thought the San Francisco show was amazing, but this was even better.


ps For anyone who might care, I was in front of Max, wearing a black long-sleeved v-neck shirt. Received on Tue Sep 28 07:20:43 1999

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