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RE: New York Show

From: Balk, Alex <>
Date: Tue 28 Sep 1999 - 07:20:36 PDT

Don't forget the rather stirring tribute to Prince.

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> Subject: New York Show
> The show was amazing! They played for over two hours, doing 23 songs
> (22 of which were on the set list). Pat's amp blew a fuse about an
> hour into it, causing a ten minute delay after which he shed his
> jacket saying, "Now I'm in a mood." I thought the sound was quite
> good.
> I was right up front, so I couldn't see the crowd very well, but it
> seemed packed, and there was quite a bit of audience interaction,
> including a woman somewhere in the back who repeatedly yelled out
> "Quit mucking around," much to the amusement of the band.
> It started out with just Pat and Max on stage, like the San Francisco
> show. As things progressed, they added people, starting with the
> harmonica player whose name I didn't catch. Then Owen Jones joined
> them on stage, and they did one of his songs, "Don't Let Me Keep You."
> I can't recall whether Kevin Haskins or Steve Valentine joined next.
> (Steve Valentine was the bassist, but he was apparently also the van
> driver and -- did I hear this right? -- attorney.)
> Several people had video cameras, so someone somewhere has video of
> this extravaganza.
> The real order was similar to the Troubadour show, but the songs
> played were:
> Partytime
> Falling In Love
> Raking Up the Leaves
> Girls Who Keep Goldfish
> Soul Happy Hour
> Rain
> Walk with the Devil (listed as "Devil" on the set list)
> Who Loves You Now?
> Angels
> Girlfriend (listed as "Girlfren'")
> She's on Drugs (listed as "She's on 'em")
> Mr Odd
> The Long Night Starts
> Bigfoot Motel (listed as "Bigfoot Pioneer Motel")
> Zombie Love
> President Reagan's Birthday Present
> JB -v- Count Dracula
> Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
> Old Snakey
> Encores:
> Take the Skinheads Bowling
> Forever (not on set list, performed by Pat solo)
> Roadrunner
> I thought the San Francisco show was amazing, but this was even
> better.
> Amanda
> ps For anyone who might care, I was in front of Max, wearing a black
> long-sleeved v-neck shirt.
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