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NY Show

From: Hank Tomczak <>
Date: Tue 28 Sep 1999 - 07:27:41 PDT

Hello All,

Had a fabulous time at the show last Thursday. Great crowd, no A-holes, you could basically walk into the dressing room at any time to chat with Pat, Max and the boys. Steve Valentine a very impressive bass player(for a lawyer!). Pat Byrne(sp?) on harmonica added an interesting twist to many of the songs. Owen Jones playing any instrument that was handy at the time. Kevin Haskins on drums for 70% of the gig.

I will have to disagree with others who said the organ was too loud but will agree that Max was to low. I should have but did not write down the entire set list but was very similar to the previous shows - nothing new that had not been previously played.

Pat's guitar amp blew a fuse halfway thru Angels and the band had to take a break while repairs where made - I think this may have shortened the set a bit. A hot and sweaty Pat was quite appreciative of the Bass Ale offered him by a fan about 3/4 way thru the set.

Was nice to meet many on the list after all this time a the post-gig party at Clay Restaurant. I just can't stress enough how accessible the band members make themselves to their fans. I had a couple of lengthy conversations with Owen and Pat and they seem genuinely interested in socializing with their fans.

Rumour has it that they may return this spring so if you couldn't make this tour you may get a second chance come year 2000.


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