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Re: Spring Hope Eternal?

From: Gary McBride <>
Date: Tue 28 Sep 1999 - 07:57:47 PDT

>Rumour has it that they may return this spring so if you couldn't
>make this tour you may get a second chance come year 2000.

YES! Can we please start raising cash NOW to fund a Midwest show/leg? Detroit, Cincinnati, Chicago maybe? A lot of people (me included) pledged $100 each towards the guarantee fund when it was disclosed that the Detroit/Chicago shows weren't happening this time around...if we can all agree to renew our pledges, maybe we'll have enough leverage to make something happen in the Spring if Pat & Co. do decide to return.

Put me down for $100. (I spent $40 on Afghan Whigs tickets for this weekend and wasn't able to go, so $100 to actually SEE the JBC will seem like a bargain!)

Gary Received on Tue Sep 28 08:00:51 1999

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