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Re: More shows

From: A. Schwickerath <>
Date: Tue 28 Sep 1999 - 21:57:53 PDT

> More JBC shows couldn't come soon enough. Why not hit the Arizona,
> Colorado, or the Nevada area? I am sure there are several hungry fans in this
> neck of the woods. They are more popular in Colorado than most people would
> think. Yes, the San Fran show was the best musical performance I have yet to
> see, but another go-round would get even more support than the first.

Being in Colorado, I would love a Colorado or Arizona show. I am just greedy, I guess, since I was lucky enough to see the SF show a few weeks ago. But it would be great to see them again, especially so soon, and to not have non-fan friends along who don't want to go out post-show drinking with band and fellow fans.

Now I must to bed. (It took far to long just to make that last paragraph semi-coherent, so that is a strong indicator of the need for sleep.) - drew

PS - I haven't seen this much traffic on the list in quite a while. I guess that Pat & Conspiracy should tour more often, eh? ;) - d Received on Tue Sep 28 22:00:55 1999

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