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1999 Seattle Show CD Distribution?

From: Brent Aliverti <>
Date: Tue 12 Oct 1999 - 21:40:11 PDT

Jason Christopher and I were able to get a soundboard cassette recording of the Seattle JBC show a month back which I then transferred to a 2CD set. There is a bit of distortion/saturation on some of the louder numbers but all in all it is a nice document of the evening. Pat Fish has given the okay to distribute this recording, as long as no money is involved (I assume covering cost of the media, packaging, postage would be okay, but nothing above that).

Unfortunately, I really don't have time right now to make a bunch of copies. Instead, what I would like to do is see if someone out there would be willing to set up a CDR distribution tree. I would gladly send a set to this individual, who would then take over from there. Since the CDs are live, duplicators MUST have the capability and know-how to make DAO (Disk-At-Once) dupes which will assure that no unwanted gaps or tics are inserted in the recordings.

Please do not send requests for copies at this time unless you can set up the CDR tree. Any volunteers?

Regards, Brent

p.s. Here is the tracklisting:

The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy
September 16, 1999
The Crocodile Cafe, Seattle

DISC 1: THE SUPPORT ACT CONSPIRACY (48:04) 1 (taking the stage)
2 Partytime (Pat & Max)
3 Falling in Love
4 Raking up Leaves
5 Whaddya?
6 Betty Page
7 Girls Who Keep Goldfish (Owen on accordion) 8 Waiting for You (Steve on drums, Max lead vox) 9 Don't Let Me Keep You (Owen lead vox)
10 Who Loves You Now?
11 DRINK DISC 2: The JAZZ BUTCHER CONSPIRACY (69:07) 1 (taking the stage)
2 Soul Happy Hour (Steve on bass, Owen on drums) 3 She's On Drugs
4 Mr. Odd
5 Rain
6 Walk with the Devil
7 Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
8 Angels
9 Girlfriend
10 The Long Night Starts (Max lead vox)
11 Take The Skinheads Bowling
12 Bigfoot Motel (partial)
13 Zombie Love
14 (taking the stage for first encore)
15 Roadrunner
16 (taking the stage for second encore)
17 Dracula Time Received on Tue Oct 12 21:44:50 1999

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