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... and should there be a forest of JBC trees?

From: Patrick J. Enders <>
Date: Wed 13 Oct 1999 - 06:28:34 PDT

Brent Aliverti wrote:
>Pat Fish has given the okay
>to distribute this recording, as long as no money is involved (I assume
>covering cost of the media, packaging, postage would be okay, but nothing
>above that).

Hey all,

I've been busy transferring a few old JBC concert recordings to CD's lately, which would make them perfect for reproduction. I assume a couple of other people out there must have started doing the same. Can anyone in the know bless or curse the idea of setting up several more (live-recordings-only) CD trees on the JBC list?

Pat Received on Wed Oct 13 06:28:22 1999

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