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Re: JBC Seattle tree (and a technicality)

From: Mark Frey <>
Date: Wed 06 Oct 1999 - 08:38:58 PDT

> I offer my services, especially to this particular Seattle "approved"
> situation (thanks a million, Pat).

Yee-hah and ditto in thanks to Pat!

I'm not 100% clear on exactly how a tree works, but I assume it involves making a couple of copies and sending them on to other folks who make a couple of copies, and so on exponentially, right? Well, count me in. As a Midwesterner who's bummed to not have had the luxury to fly to a coast to see the recent gigs, I'd really love to hear the stuff.

Unfortunately, as I'm writing my graduate thesis right now, I can't really offer to organize the tree, but when somebody does count me in for some of the duplication effort.

Mark Received on Wed Oct 13 08:48:14 1999

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