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Re: a technicality / Seattle CD tree

From: Brent Aliverti <>
Date: Wed 13 Oct 1999 - 09:48:46 PDT

Very much appreciate the offer, but I think the CD's are already in pretty good shape. I've done a few of these myself. The saturation/distortion I mentioned is on the source tape. I edited out a few cases of unwanted feedback, and tweaked EQ a little on some between song spoken bits that were muffled, but otherwise the CD's are the show as it happened. In case anyone is interested, here's the equipment I used to make the CDs:

Tape Deck: Denon DRW-660
A/D Converter: Event(Echo) Layla
Editing: Sonic Foundry Sound Forge XP
CD Layout: Sonic Foundry CD Architect
CD Burner: Yamaha 4260 external SCSI

Thanks for all the offers that have poured in. Looks like there are more than enough folks to set up a tree and I will be contacting them shortly.

Regards, Brent

  • Original Message ----- From: <> To: <> Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 7:44 AM Subject: JBC: a technicality

> I offer my services, especially to this particular Seattle "approved"
> situation (thanks a million, Pat).
> i can and have cleaned up several analog and digital recordings (e.g.,
> worn-out, scratched, just plain sucks ass) and transferred them to CD. I
> do this again, er, under four conditions:
> 1) there is no imposed sense of or actual rush to knock it out...
> 2) noone expects me to knock out more than one (1) ONE copy...
> 3) i need to work with the best copy available, not the copy you made on
> Uncle Billy Bob's dubbing cassette deck he done repaired hisself...
> 4) there is absolutely NO condition four.
Received on Wed Oct 13 12:10:50 1999

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