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Re: If a tree falls in the JBC forest

From: Gary McBride <>
Date: Wed 13 Oct 1999 - 16:47:31 PDT

>I thought they were without a contract. Previous contracts that are
>not still in effect would not be binding against a new release (or fan
>produced live recording for that matter).

Seems we've been around this tree before, and I'm surprised David hasn't piped in understanding of it is that Pat can't accept money for unauthorized recordings in any way. (Yes, even if they're live, or with permission, yada yada yada.)

Since the songs are all copyrighted and there are publishing rights and such, by accepting money for a recording of them, he would be in violation of some contract or other somewhere and there could be hell to pay far in excess of the few bucks that might float his way.

That's not to say you couldn't reward Pat in some other way... buy copies of "Excellent!" from CDNow and give them to your friends as a holiday gift. Or break down and finally buy a copy of "This is Sumo" (try ) won't regret it. Treat the band to a pint or talk another friend into buying a ticket if they play here again. Write him a letter. Give a few bucks to Jerry's Kids or some charity you feel is worthy (in his name or not). Or just enjoy the live CD on a regular basis...I'd wager Pat will find that almost as rewarding as cash money.

By the way, indicates that they have CDs of Western Family ($24), Big Planet ($11), Cult of the Basement ($18), and Love Bus ($23) in case anyone's looking, or wants to add a few pence to Pat's next royalty cheque.

Enough from me...
G Received on Wed Oct 13 16:49:53 1999

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