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JBC: disk-at-once tech bytes

From: <>
Date: Wed 13 Oct 1999 - 21:51:06 PDT

My experience with Disk-at-Once is that it will burn tossers about half the time -unless- the CACHE drive ("Temporary FIles" location under Tools/Options) is defragmented immediately prior to CD burning. This flakiness is not substantially alleviated by burning an ISO9660 image file. Moreover, the data /WAVs being written should not be on the same physical drive as the cache.

Also, when burning with Disk-at-Once, I highly recommend limiting source material to just under 71 minutes, or the tracks' beginnings will probably fall about 1/4 to 1/2 second into the actual track (which screws up any WAV file extraction later too).

Before I resolved these issues, you'd a' thought I made green coasters for a living. They'll gouge wood furniture if they're thrown hard enough, too!

EasyCD 3.5c latest patch is available at:

But what the hell do I know.
Namedotcom in Deliveranceland Received on Wed Oct 13 21:54:41 1999

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