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Wetlands Photos For Your Viewing Pleasure

From: R&T <>
Date: Thu 14 Oct 1999 - 18:50:59 PDT

>From the better late than never dept...

I finally scanned in photos I took at the Wetlands show. I used a disposable camera so the results were not spectacular but they are ok. There were a lot of people taking photos that night and I saw about 4 or 5 people shooting video. One guy was right in Max's face, about 3 feet away at times - I am sure Max was not too happy about that. It would be great if someone who had a good video would offer it to the list (hint).

Anyway if you want to see my photos, here they are:

I have not seen any photos posted for the LA show. I was there too and I would love to see some photos of the show.

  • Robert.
Received on Thu Oct 14 18:53:58 1999
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