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From: <>
Date: Wed 20 Oct 1999 - 00:11:00 PDT

Hello all. I hate to admit it but this is my first post. I've tried in the past but just keep getting that "unknown address" message. Anyway, if you're reading this babble I guess it worked.
First, I found a copy of Scandal in Bohemia (lp of course) at my local record store and just had to have it. While I already own a copy of this masterpiece, there are still some holes in my Butcher and Co. Collection that I'd love to fill. Most notably Hard in Hamburg. Still, I'd be happy to trade for the odd single or two, Black e.g., or something else. Please e-mail me direct and let me know if you're interested. I'm talking trades here, I don't want to sell this thing.
Second, I had the distinct pleasure of catching The Conspiracy in S.F. for the second time. Thank you Pat Fish, Max Eider, Kevin Haskins, Owen Jones, and that rocking bassist whoever you are. Big thanks to the theremin guy as well.
Anyhow, sorry about the lurkin.
NATTY Received on Wed Oct 20 00:14:27 1999

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