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Re: On-Glass (& a plug)

From: Amy Myrbo <>
Date: Sun 24 Oct 1999 - 11:03:15 PDT

As much as I adore David J, I'm not a huge fan of that cover. A modicum too much angst for my money (although that *is a different take on the song than the original - which is something I admire in covers). But atmospheric, at least, as if he's playing it alone in a concrete basement room lit by one swinging bare bulb.

It was originally on the sublime Glass compilation "50,000 Glass Fans Can't Be Wrong," right? Ca. 1986 - my copy (on clear vinyl!) is still in the possession of my spiteful ex-husband - along with the 3 Glass or Situation 2 David J CDs, 5 or so JBC CDs, and my complete selection of JBC LPs . . . life is less than fair - but since I have every one of those songs emblazoned in my brain, I still count myself lucky . . .

Was the original "Crocodile Tears" on the album of the same name? I know I've heard it - the "Revisited" version basically reverses the roles (the "you" and "me") in the song), making is quite a bit less acerbic.

Ah, memories . . .


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