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Re: On-Glass (& a plug)

From: A. Izenstark <>
Date: Sun 24 Oct 1999 - 11:46:21 PDT

> >Admittedly I am behind in my list-reading, but I don't think it's >been
> >mentioned: I noticed that David J.'s album _On Glass_ has been
> >re-released. It includes the original tracks plus (presumably the
> >original) _Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh_ and a song I don't >know,
> >_Fear Is A Man's Best Friend_.
>"Fear" is one of John Cale's best songs. I managed to pick up a copy of
>the original Glass CD a couple of years ago, so I haven't
>heard David J's take. Anyone who's heard both care to comment?

Of course, "Fear" isn't the only John Cale cover -- "Ship of Fools" is the other. Personally, I like David J's version better, but that may be because I heard it when I wasn't familiar with John Cale's version.


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