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JBC Trees: Seattle and... New York?

From: Patrick J. Enders <>
Date: Wed 27 Oct 1999 - 23:24:17 PDT

Hello all,

        Well, the first JBC tree seems to be going well, and it looks like a little over a hundred of you will eventually be receiving discs. It might take a bit, but you should all receive a response and a set of discs eventually.

        In the meantime, I just wanted to report that--could it be possible?--an even better recording of the NYC Wetlands show mysteriously appeared in my mailbox this afternoon. Thank you oh so very much, Scott.

        After the first CD tree winds up, and perhaps after an older recording or two gets its/their moment in the limelight, I promise I'll offer it up to the list.

        Actually, if ten to twenty fresh-faced volunteers want to offer up their services as CD dubbers, this thing could get off the ground a bit faster. I'd be particularly happy if someone wanted to volunteer to take charge of making the whole thing work.

Happy listening!

Pat Received on Wed Oct 27 22:18:17 1999

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