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Re: JBC Trees: Seattle and... New York?

From: David Zembower <>
Date: Thu 28 Oct 1999 - 06:23:27 PDT

Hello List,

I have been out of circulation for the past couple weeks, and wanted to make sure I'm in the queue to receive a copy of the show. Could someone let me know how I get my leaf in the tree?


At 12:24 AM 10/28/1999 -0600, Patrick J. Enders wrote:
>Hello all,
> Well, the first JBC tree seems to be going well, and it looks like a
>little over a hundred of you will eventually be receiving discs. It might
>take a bit, but you should all receive a response and a set of discs
> In the meantime, I just wanted to report that--could it be
>possible?--an even better recording of the NYC Wetlands show mysteriously
>appeared in my mailbox this afternoon. Thank you oh so very much, Scott.
> After the first CD tree winds up, and perhaps after an older
>recording or two gets its/their moment in the limelight, I promise I'll
>offer it up to the list.
> Actually, if ten to twenty fresh-faced volunteers want to offer up
>their services as CD dubbers, this thing could get off the ground a bit
>faster. I'd be particularly happy if someone wanted to volunteer to take
>charge of making the whole thing work.
>Happy listening!
Received on Thu Oct 28 06:33:17 1999

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