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Re: Béatrice Dalle -V- The Jazz Butcher

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Mon 01 Nov 1999 - 23:33:59 PST

and lo, it be spoken

> Hi,
> I just wanted to share with you something i just came across, Whilst watching A
> copy of Betty Blue (37°2 le matin), a film i'd not seen since before Cult of the
> Basement was released. I now know where the sample at the beginning of Girl
> Go[Tu as vu toutes les étoiles?] Comes from , those words were uttered by the
> lovely Béatrice Dalle who plays Betty in the Film and who many of you
> (especially the Americans) might know better as the Blind Girl in the Paris
> section of the Jim Jarmusch's film A Night On Earth. Anyway, I thought i'd
> mention it as i get very excited whenever there is a connection between two of
> my loves (JBC & Béatrice Dalle in this case).

there absolutely IS a connection, and it is more involved than that!

yes, the sample at the beginning of Girl Go comes from Betty Blue. as well, the chord progression for Girl Go comes straight from a Perfect Disaster tunes called All The Stars (toutes les etoiles). the two songs share a few lines, as well, and Pat often dedicated Girl Go to Phil Parfit (of the Perfect Disaster) in concert.

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-david (

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