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From: <>
Date: Mon 01 Nov 1999 - 23:41:34 PST

In a similar vein:

Many of you probably have caught this, but I didn't until about a month ago... The sample that begins "Excellent" ("First an emotional protectiveness... Now one of sympathy....Excellent." was lifted from the Star Trek episode "The Cage", spoken by one of those big brained dudes in reference to Cap'n Pike. I fleetingly wondered where it came from, and always associated it with some kind of 50's mad scientist movie. Not being a huge 'Trek' fan, I didn't recognize the source. But when I heard it spoken, it so jarred me that I laughed right out loud, startling my girlfriend, who didn't see the humor in the large pink headed fellow's line.
Maybe someone knows this as "The Best Way" there's, well...tons of samples...but the one that says "I'm Hypnotized"...I seem to remember David Letterman on his old show saying that frequently. Is that the source of that sample? I don't know how anyone'd know for sure but Mr. Fish, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
By the way, gang, how's the Seattle Tree working out? Is it making its way to people? I did my part as a branch, and have been listening to it an awful lot lately, and it is indeed a thing of beauty (yeah, yeah...a joy to treasure forever and ever yadda yadda yadda). The list seems to have quieted down again, so I thought I'd ask.
Take care,
Brian Received on Mon Nov 1 23:42:36 1999

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