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Where'd You Get It?

From: <>
Date: Wed 03 Nov 1999 - 11:04:48 PST

   Okay, but what is the odd little whisper sample that sounds like
"Schweinhund," just at the conclusion of the Girl Go intro? (Or has this
been discussed already; I've been out of town) This strange noise has intrigued me for a long time, and in fact it's been part of the greeting on my answering machine for more than six years now. My friend says it means
"pig dog" in German.

   As for the samples from "Bubonic Plague," those too are a mystery, though I'm pretty sure that's a cut from the film "Blue Velvet" during "Burglar of Love," when the voice says: "He's a very sick and dangerous man." Am I right?

  PS, Boston Received on Wed Nov 3 11:06:02 1999

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