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Could you add me to the mailing list, if it's still up & running?

From: Christopher Post <>
Date: Sat 06 Nov 1999 - 05:40:52 PST

...And also...

  1. Are there any bootlegs of the "last" JB concert - at Wetlands Preserve, NYC on September 23? I was there, and it was bloody marvellous.
  2. The "News" page mentions that Fire Records are going - someday to re-release the Glass recordings. I have an idea for collectively hassling them. I thought, if we set up an escrow account on i-escrow or something similar, beg everyone on the mailing list, used music sites, failed ebay bidders everywhere, the Independence Day guy, whoever to make advance orders - we can effectively collect (hopefully) a shitload of money in the i-escrow account, go to Fire, and say "we've got x thousand pounds, it gets automatically released if you ship the records, and returned to the subscribers if you don't - what have you got to lose?"
  3. Would Pat be interested in sponsoring the above idea? If so can he get in touch?
  4. A "pre-order here" page on the website would be a good start.


Chris Post Received on Sat Nov 6 05:40:01 1999

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