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re: Bloody Nonsense

From: Dave Coverly <>
Date: Wed 10 Nov 1999 - 20:01:19 PST

>Bloody Nonsense was indeed released on CD in the US by Big Time records.
>It is certainly very rare but too rich for my blood at 100$ +.

Too rich for my blood too, or any other part of my body for that matter.

Are you sure about this release, Hank? Both the Trouser Press and even the liner notes to Distressed Gentlefolk indicate BN was only released on LP. I've lost any interest in bidding (unless someone wants to make this month's house payment for me), but I still wrote to the seller to confirm it is not a CD-R, and a couple days have passed with no response. Perhaps a couple others out there bidding might like to ask him/her the same thing before spending that kind of change.


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