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RE: Bloody Nonsense

From: Adrian H. D. Bell <>
Date: Wed 10 Nov 1999 - 20:01:56 PST

I too have been watching some eBay auctions of late. I also found and bought to the holy grail of JBC CDs (Sex and Travel + Scandal in Bohemia) for the princely sum of $76 which was more than I've ever paid for a CD. I was happy to get it having spent the best part of 10 years looking for it - though it seems a shame they don't just re-release it given the amount of interest. The guy who sold it got a heck of surprise when he found it's worth. (He had bought it in a second hand CD shop 8 years ago for $15)

The other obscurity that I noticed was Live in Hamburg sold on CD. I thought it was only released on vinyl.

BTW, if you are using EBay a bit, I came across this really neat piece of software called EBayPAL. It allows you to monitor any auction. If you're interested the URL is It's time limited and still in beta, but seems stable to me.

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> Bloody Nonsense was indeed released on CD in the US by Big Time
> records. It is certainly very rare but too rich for my blood at 100$ +.
> Hank
> Arik Florimonte wrote:
> >
> > Hey y'all. Can anybody tell me what label owns the rights to Bloody
> > Nonsense? I ask because there is a CD of this for sale on ebay, and I
> > suspect it is a fake. I'm 99% sure this was never released on CD. I
> > wouldn't have brought it up except that it kinda irks me that a fake is
> > going for over $100.
> >
> > Perhaps the rights-owner would like to mention this to ebay?
> Perhaps the
> > rights-owner will see this and realise that there is a market
> for JBC stuff?
> >
> > Who knows?
> > Arik
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