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RE: Bloody Nonsense

From: Benjamin Adams <>
Date: Thu 11 Nov 1999 - 07:50:45 PST

My rapidly fading 33 year old memory can't exactly be trusted, but I'd swear I've seen Bloody Nonsense on CD at least once many, many moons ago.

Remember, Max Eider's Best Kisser in the World _was_ released on CD by Big Time.

And Big Time was distributed in the USA by RCA, who were early adopters of the CD format.

The unfortunate thing is that this was all mid-80's pre-web explosion, before people started documenting every single bit of minutiae of a release by any artist in excruciating detail. (I recently spent a fruitless search looking for scans of the covers to Doctor & the Medics' Laughing at the Pieces and That Petrol Emotion's Manic Pop Thrill -- six billion people on the planet and no one has ever scanned those covers and uploaded them!) A trip to the CDDB page shows that no one has ever uploaded track info from Bloody Nonsense to it, which isn't impossible, given how rare the disc would be.

So -- no confirmation either way off "the best research tool in the world," the web. How's about we ask Pat himself? = )

Benjamin Received on Thu Nov 11 07:52:27 1999

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