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Date: Thu 11 Nov 1999 - 11:51:39 PST

Well I must admit I've never seen one myself. But several years ago there was a survey done by a "Poisoned Ed" - I don't know if he is still a list member but you can get to it from the mailing list page of the JBC web site.

The survey asked list members dozens of questions including what JBC material they owned and in what format. Several people replied to owning B.N. on CD. The results are at:

Even if this doesn't serve to answer this question the survey site itself is a great place to spend a little time seeing fellow JBC fans likes/dislikes. I would be a bit worried, however, that the seller of this item does not reply to emails about his item.

The one that puzzles me is that Hamburg CD that popped up a few weeks ago. This is the one album no-one replied to as owning on CD. If it was purchased by a list member could you please reply to its authenticity?


Dave Coverly wrote:

> Are you sure about this release, Hank? Both the Trouser Press and even the
> liner notes to Distressed Gentlefolk indicate BN was only released on LP.
> I've lost any interest in bidding (unless someone wants to make this
> month's house payment for me), but I still wrote to the seller to confirm
> it is not a CD-R, and a couple days have passed with no response. Perhaps a
> couple others out there bidding might like to ask him/her the same thing
> before spending that kind of change.
> --Dave
> WWW.

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