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Big Question, Bigger Answers

From: <>
Date: Thu 11 Nov 1999 - 22:44:46 PST

   All this talk of the (legitimately or otherwise) ditgitalized "Bloody Nonsense" is infuriating - it reminds me of my own ill-fated attempts to track down a CD copy of this rare album. I presently have two LP copies and a cassette, ALL of which have different tracks and none of which are for sale. Over the years I've asked 100 different people if BN was ever available on disc and have NEVER been able to get a straight answer. I suggest we let it drift into a sort of mythological existence.   

   I once paid $75 for a CD of "Sex & Travel/Scandal in Bohemia." This is my all-time highest dish-out for a piece of music. Earlier I'd landed a CD of "Big Questions" (The Gift of Music, Vol 2) for $50.

   I found a CD of "Distressed Gentlefolk" in Providence, Rhode Island for $15.

   My biggest coup, however: In the summer of 1993, in Northampton, Massachusetts, I found CD copies of both "Fishcotheque" and "Big Planet Scarey Planet" in a used record store for $6 each.

  • Patrick Smith Boston
Received on Thu Nov 11 22:46:11 1999
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