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Re: Big Question, Bigger Answers

From: <>
Date: Fri 12 Nov 1999 - 04:01:16 PST

Hey all,

Patrick's tale of tracking down albums kinda got me thinking...I'm sure everyone's got a story, since finding these discs and albums is more akin to a quest than just traipsing into "Musicland"... I just thought I'd share one of mine.
My search for the JBC's catalogue was 12 years in (this is two years ago) and through endlessly scouring the "J" section of every record store I'd come upon, I had been fortunate enough to have found pretty much everything on CD. I was still coming up rather short in the Vinyl department, however...and then one day....
I walked into a record store that I'd frequented for years, and, in the usual fashion, looked (at this point half-heartedly and more out of habit than determination) under J as I had done probably a thousand times before. As I flipped through the albums, I gasped, as my eyes beheld "A Scandal in Bohemia" I was in disbelief, I snatched it from the bin...only to find "Sex and Travel" right behind it. Then "Gift of Music" Then "Real Men",

"Roadrunner" and if you can even believe it..."Bath of Bacon".
I must reiterate that this was two years ago...and these were not in the used 
bin, oh no...these were brand spankin' vinyl! I approached the 
counter to purchace the items, and asked the clerk where on God's green earth did these come from! She informed me that ten years before, their store had suffered a fire, and most of their stock had been destroyed. But recently they had discovered one box of rescued albums that they'd neglected to re-shelve. And there they were, the last missing elements to my collection of JBC records, spared a melted wax-y fate, relesed like a genie from a bottle into my eager arms!
I guess the point of this is that, if you'd asked me at the time if I thought I'd ever find these releases, I'd have probably said "sadly, I doubt I ever will." Not out of pessimism, but acknowlagement of what history had (or rather hadn't) delivered. But then, one never knows, and these things do exist. And what with e-bay and a growing number of avenues, those rare titles may be just around the corner. So keep the faith, poppets, and don't give up the search.

-Brian Received on Fri Nov 12 04:02:42 1999

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