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From: <>
Date: Fri 12 Nov 1999 - 13:17:29 PST

   Interesting idea about buying out the rights to the catalog. But how is something like that done - are the rights bought individually from the record companies who put out the earlier records, or are the copyrights owned by Pat (or any other individual(s)? Can somebody (any lawyers out there?) explain how that stuff works?
  We could all chip in (excuse my optimism here) and purchase the rights as a sort of co-op. (Except, probably, to be really cynical now, nobody would actually BUY anything we re-released except we list-subscribers ourselves!)   But for kicks, let's put it this way: How many of you would pay, say, $100 for a COMPLETE, digital JBC collection? (autographed copies would, naturally, be part of the deal.) Does that number of people cover purchase rights and costs of producing some CDs? I seriously doubt it, but maybe. How about a poll of how much money could potentially be raised this way? I'll toss in my $100 for starters.

    Of course, these hypothetical CDs could be marketed and sold to "outsiders," so to speak, through catalogs, stores, the Web, etc. But then you're talking about distribution costs, etc. That is: becoming a record company.

   Any thoughts? Received on Fri Nov 12 13:18:52 1999

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