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The way to get old JBC released

From: GDM <>
Date: Fri 12 Nov 1999 - 15:09:39 PST

JBC List,

                I have some knowledge of where this stuff is at at present
time: to my knowledge Pat holds DAT masters of all the Glass era material, so in short he could have the ability to release what he wants but it would be illegal to do it. Fire records Uk (from my understanding) bought out most of the old Glass JBC catalouge for a horrible sum of something like $3000 pounds, but alas this means that Fire records has the ability to release the actual recorded tapes of let's say Bath of Bacon or Scandalbut  Pat owns the songs themselves- he in theory could go into a studio and re-record all the JBC classic songs and keep every penny - the same goes for a live disc- that is why you guys should keep these CDR trades to a minimum because they hurt Pat in the long run...

Another concept that could work is if Pat holds "alternate" "demo" or "an old live recording from the pre 1986 era- it would appear that Fire records can only legally release the final master for example of sandal in Bohemiabut  if Pat had some early demos of Scandal songs or a soundboard from that era he could release that unharmed- in theory.........This is what few people know about why Paul Mc Cartney finally gave up the rare unreleased goods with those Beatle anthologies- Michael Jackson owned quite a bit of Northern Songs ( the beatles publishing company) The Beatles did not have to pay out royalty checks on the alternate and demo versions of the songs only on for example the actual final master of Hey Jude that was on Let it a sense the Beatle anthology series was a big fuck you to Capitol, EMI, and Wacko Jacko.The Beatles realised that that rare and demo material was actually a goldmine beacsue the outtakes were never covered in the original publishing contracts.....Perhaps Pat can did up some old outtake shit and put it up for sale .

Finally, the argument that I have seen addressed is what about the rights for the glass stuff and Max Eider's solo album on the USA label Bigtimethat  must be sitting waiting to be optioned by someone. I think Fire records only has the Glass era JBC rights for the UK not the USA, furthermore I think that Max Eiders' solo album was never given a UK release ever- so that could be ann interesting back door...

anyway food for thought

gavin Received on Fri Nov 12 16:08:02 1999

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