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Now only 2 steps for all us JBC fans

From: <>
Date: Fri 12 Nov 1999 - 17:35:36 PST

thoughts on this music catalogue and its non-ownership by its creators:

So, who else out there owns horrendous discs? We ALL do. We do because:
- we were trying to get laid and needed 'that' new album she likes,

  • we thought, "the rest of that album MUST be as good as that ONE good song",
  • we needed to hear that old song from the 80's, er, when we last got laid,
  • we were stoned and had $20 in our wallet at the time.

hear, here! I am broker than snot but that's all relative. I am also stuck in Deliveranceland, and golly, THAT'S all relatives. But I digress.

I think anybody worth a good sneeze (including me) can pitch in to get these damned copyrights where they BELONG. I will now go sell that cheesy album, that other cheesy album, that rank oh-what-was-I-on album, and a shoebox of others, and sell them promptly. I will then have a small pile of money to send that is ALL-TOO-APPROPRIATE for this cause.

Who out there is with us? When we all have small piles of money, and if we can cajole an address out of Pat, Max, Steve, someone... this situation will be resolved in and of itself. 1) sell, 2) send. Let's try to get them SOME of the rights back.

Frightfully sober yet yours, Namedotcom

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