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From: Marc SCHERRER <>
Date: Fri 19 Nov 1999 - 04:35:17 PST

I'm sorry my english is not very good !
Just this E-mail to ask THE BIG QUESTION ? Why it's so difficult to find CD or LP of JBC.
I'm a very old fan and I have plenty of CD or LP of JBC but as Pat requested on one of them : "play loud and often"...and now LP are used !!! So is it possible around the world to find reedition of old LP on CD ? BLOODY NONSENSE for example !!!
I saw THE JBC a couple of years ago in France(New-Morning;Le Troupeau;L'espace Europeen; Le PLan at Ris-Orangis) and I don't explain to myself the crual uninterest of Media for these music because for me it's difficult to spend a day without a song of JBC inside my head ! What's the becoming of Max EIDER ?
Thank you Pat and JBC for all this
I expect for fresh and good news to let live legend of JBC

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