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trying to contact Pat Fish / JBC

From: Vinyl Japan Office <>
Date: Wed 01 Dec 1999 - 03:31:59 PST

Hi - hopefully this is the right email address.

I'm trying to contact Pat Fish about the possibility of some gigs in Japan.

I'm emailing from a Japanese indie label called "vinyl Japan" based in London (more details on us can be found at

Ideally we would be interested in finding out if Pat Fish would be interested in either recording a new Jazz Butchers album for us or releasing anything previously unreleased (BBC sessions, demos etc) or ideally both.

As well as this we would be very interested in taking the band to Tokyo for some gigs next spring.

If you could please pass this message onto Pat Fish I would really appreciate it.

Best wishes,


PS If you also have a contact address for Max Eider then we would also like to get in contact with him...

Vinyl Japan UK Ltd
98 Camden Road LONDON NW1 9EA UK
Tel: +44 (0)171 284 0359 Fax: +44 (0)171 267 5186
Web Site:
Received on Wed Dec 1 03:34:55 1999
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