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RE: The furniture thing - Off topic

From: Greg Mills <>
Date: Wed 01 Dec 1999 - 16:14:53 PST


Are you related to Art Bell?

Just curious.

> ----------
> From: Adrian H. D. Bell
> Sent: Wednesday, December 1, 1999 3:56 PM
> To: JBC-list
> Cc:
> Subject: The furniture thing - Off topic
> I wonder if the furniture message was an advanced form of spamming.
> Carol says she didn't send the second message (only the candleheads), and
> as
> JBC fan, you should believe her. It still begs the question how did it
> happen?
> Here's a couple of theories:
> 1. JAVA applet
> a. Carol went to furniture website.
> b. A java applet from the site read her outbox and found messages with
> jpeg
> file attachments
> c. Applet then sends SPAM to same address inserting "Jbc", her email and
> candle into the context of the message to make it seem personalised
> 2. Virus
> same as above but instead of java applet a melissa-like virus on Carols PC
> performs this function.
> 3. Low tech - Conspiracy.
> Someone reviews Carols outbox and then sends an email from her PC to cause
> general humiliation.
> Any techies like to pontificate as to the feasibility of Theories 1 or 2.
> Alternatively, any conspirators who think option 3.
> For Carol, I would certainly be running a virus check to elimate 2 at
> least.
> It would also be interesting to know if there is any furniture messages in
> your Sent Items or if you ever visited the website.
> In any case, it would also be interesting to know if or some
> kind of sick mind is behind this. Or perhaps even both?
Received on Wed Dec 1 16:20:23 1999

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